Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 what's up!

So I do not think many people even read the stuff I write at erratic intervals, but I guess it is enough for me to share with myself and few passer bys.

2 years have passes since my last blog and ALOT has changed in the underground dance scene in India.
India is swarming with street dancers. One of my posts in 2009 was talking about one of the very first organised B-boy battles in India, and now in 2011 we had Battle Of The Year Qualifiers in Chennai in India. The crews have all amalgamated and dissipated and been recreated into a giant entity.

My friend Hera in Delhi, has started representing the B-boy scene out there getting attention and funding from the west , by sticking to his roots and representing the art form in its true essence.
The kids all over India are mobilizing and throwing events, jam sessions etc.
Documentary films are being made by the minute!
So as far as the B-boys are concerned the scene has exploded.

My partner Kundu is now a Judge on India's first street dance reality Tv show called Footloose that has introduced me to some crazy talented dancers like Sambo and Blaize! So inspiring and so young.

I started India's first All Girl Street Dance Group called Urbanista, and we have done 2 shows and have 4 shows lined up in the next few months. our dance community was born.. taking baby steps.

So things are moving fast.. until we meet again.


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