Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lil box of hope..

SO.. its been a long time since my last post..
Ive been trying to figure out how to edit my layout all this timeeee.. What a moron!

Trying to recap things that have happened in the dance scene in Mumbai recently and the general progression and degression of my life..

Well sometime last month.. my friends organised a local B boy battle..
Two crews against each other..
I have a lil clip which i would like to put up of it..
I would say that the dance form is spreading quite fast, however, its still not widely understood and people in Mumbai do not have a vast knowledge of the roots or music behind this culture..
Personally I find it inriguing as a dance form, however I do not have the strength physically to be a B girl, would have loved to be introduced to it when i was young, I think I would have been endlessly fascinated.
There are kids here who are very passionate and practice every alternate day for hours, I find their passion and unrelenting hours inspiring and so pure in their goals.
Im currently also managing their group.. to help them get gigs.. They have one coming up april 3rd..
everyones gotta make some money too... the necessary evil of every artist sadly...
Doing gigs to fuel your dreams.. is just part of the reality of moving forward..
Once you understand that I find its easier to accept projects you may not love... Looking at the bigger picture.. makes u slowly move along in the present.

What else... hmm.. Did a bollywood shoot... was a different experience for myslef... In essence I am a freestyle dancer.. I like the energy of real time and pure expression, learning to develop new skills.. too...

Also a b-boy group from Los angeles was in town to do a commerical..
Dont know if I would offend people by using their real names in my blog... hence I wont...
Went out one night, watched them dance after a 24 hr flight to India..
Makes me realise how much I truly love dance... watchin people who are so passionate about it...
feel a mixture of sadness that I never had this exposure growin up, but also joy to be able to be in some way part of it now..

BACK to the present moment.
I HAVE A DREAM... said Martin Luther King... I love this statement.. so simple and profound..
He didnt live to see his dream materialize but his story and his realised dream is a symbol of hope and endless possibility to one and all.
In my struggle to fight my injuries and constant chronic pain, which stops me from moving forward in dance.. I too have a dream...
It is silly for most people.. but evokes so much emotion in my lil indian heart lol..
My life is a combination of intense sorrow from a broken heart to immense clarity that only real pain can bring someone..
My pain has lead me to a discovery abt myself and life.. even though the tears roll down my eyes ever so easily.. they fuel in me a sense of being alive.. and make me believe in a better tomorrow.

I would like to go to NY in July and take part in the House Dance International.
I probably wont qualify, maybe ill flake out and let my nerves get the better of me..
But in my troubled mind, there is somewhere in its deep crevices, a tiny box of hope..
It is my only place of retreat.. Maybe it will lead to immense disappointment... but I have to atleast try..
So today starts my journey.. towards this somewhat silly dream to most people..
I hope , my lil box of hope...

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