Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February and March progress.

So I barely find time to post things up here considering the many different pages and jobs I have to administer without any pay!

A little recap of all my projects these past two months..

URBANISTA- My labour of love.

I posted up the much awaited pics of our photoshoot. One studio & One outdoor, below are just a flavour of the photoshoots... you can Visit Urbanista - Indias First All girl street dance group page on fb for all the pics..

We were also featured in a Calcutta Newspaper along with Kundu called the Telegraph.
Here is the link :

Urbanista also did 2 Music video projects. One video I choreographed and the group danced for was NYC based artist and latin/Contemporary dancer from Alvin Ailey Kristina Maria. Pic below

And video 2 is a viral video project which I choreographed our hip hop piece to American Singer Raje shawri Who has worked with hip hop giants like  Timbaland , Nas, Pharrel, Jay Z and Kanye West.
Waiting for the video to hit the internet!

In a few days we will be also doing a fashion photoshoot for local fashion blog called Neon Zebra!

We also were featured on a 4 part Documentary on UTV Bindaas for the NH7 weekender music festival.
Here is the clip - we are at 15.13

xoxoxoxooxox till we meet AGAIN

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So its been awhile since I have written an opinion based blog. I feel like I would like to address the subject of jealousy, heirarchy and overall tension in the dance community at large.

Obviously any opportunity or skill that can help accumulate wealth and some amount of fame will illicit these concepts amongst those who seem well simply as "competitors" However , one must remember the original reasons you started dancing in the first place, and walk single mindedly on your own path , look ahead and yes look around to learn and appreciate , but value your uniqueness as a gifted artist who can create positive change.

We all fall into the occasional envy, and that is normal and can be a motivator, however it should motivate you singularly to improve yourself while not trying to bring others down. It is hard, especially when you intrinsicly do not see eye to eye as far as direction and intention goes, but we must try and respect everyones unique intentions even if they do not mirror our own.

When you really truly enjoy your gifts and experiences and also your limitations and flaws, you realize you do not have to be better than anyone, or the winner or the best, you have to be the version of yourself that keeps you happy and growing as an individual. You have to look at the world as a massive place with many experiences and paths that can be lead even outside of dance, there can be beauty and joy in many varied aspects of life.
Feed your creativity and not your  ego. Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life or make decisions. Follow your heart and dance for yourself . Dance is the language of the soul.  It creates a window to that parallel human perception, where there is not right or wrong... no winner or loser.. just beauty.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NH7 Article on me.

I also got featured in an article on NH7- the website, which is a very popular independant music website.
The feature was talking about independant artists who have chosen non conventional careers.
I was aksed some questions about myself , Urbanista and my projects.
It is by far one of my favourite articles.

Well written and represents me accurately.

Here is the link to read the entire article.
Click here.

Featured Lady of India- Ladies of hip hop website.

I was really excited amongst most of the different work I've been doing these last few months about being featured as India's Lady Of Hip Hop on international website based in the states.

Feels great to be recognised for years of sticking to what I loved and now feeling like it was worth the many obstacles.
Am so happy for Michele at Ladies of hip hop supporting me and Urbanista!

Feels great!

Ladies of hip hop link.


Another great Article on Myself, Urbanista, Kundu , the party & our friends in very well established  National newspaper in India!

FLY LADY DI's Workshop I organised.

Fly lady Di,  from Toronto was passing through Mumbai, so I organised 2 workshops for her, one at the studio and  the other at our party Blame it on the Boogie. Was a pleasure working with her and became good friends through the process. Workshop video 2 will be up soon as well as a fun video myself and Di shot on the streets of MUMBAI!
The entire group @ workshop.

So you can check out the video of FLY LADY DI's Workshop below that I organised.

Updates from December through Feb.

Alot has happened in the last three months.

We have succesfully had 8 parties of Blame It On The Boogie - India's First Party for the street Dance Community.

kundu and priya lisa, myself

Capoeiristas at the party

The Opening Party Had Djs Uri & Soul Clap from Germany! Was a packed nite!

Uri & Mark Hype ( soul clap)

Payal from Urbanista

Also organised workshops with Fly Lady Di from Toronto who was also the Guest of Blame it On the Boogie.

                   Also had Mandeep Sethi Representing Slumgods and Zulu Kings emcee at party no 6.

Mandeep Sethi

So I am quite proud of the success of the party, considering it is a completely new concept in the night club scene in India and we have gotten a great response and regulars from the community who attend.
Next week is gonna be a VALENTINES DAY COUPLES BATTLE!!

We were also clothing sponsored by PUMA who will provide the prizes at the battle as well.

Urbanista , Ninja & Kundu.