Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February and March progress.

So I barely find time to post things up here considering the many different pages and jobs I have to administer without any pay!

A little recap of all my projects these past two months..

URBANISTA- My labour of love.

I posted up the much awaited pics of our photoshoot. One studio & One outdoor, below are just a flavour of the photoshoots... you can Visit Urbanista - Indias First All girl street dance group page on fb for all the pics..

We were also featured in a Calcutta Newspaper along with Kundu called the Telegraph.
Here is the link :

Urbanista also did 2 Music video projects. One video I choreographed and the group danced for was NYC based artist and latin/Contemporary dancer from Alvin Ailey Kristina Maria. Pic below

And video 2 is a viral video project which I choreographed our hip hop piece to American Singer Raje shawri Who has worked with hip hop giants like  Timbaland , Nas, Pharrel, Jay Z and Kanye West.
Waiting for the video to hit the internet!

In a few days we will be also doing a fashion photoshoot for local fashion blog called Neon Zebra!

We also were featured on a 4 part Documentary on UTV Bindaas for the NH7 weekender music festival.
Here is the clip - we are at 15.13

xoxoxoxooxox till we meet AGAIN

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